Quick Bio

Long long time ago.

Born into music, Swi grew up classicaly trained in vocals and playing the violin. That early exposure infuses all his mixes, through emphasis on complex and interesting melodies. His ear for music is incredible, especially on multi-layered tracks where cleanliness and clarity are most important.

Over the past 5 years, Swi has honed his style of mixing which tries to both get your feet tapping and get you singing along. Whatever you're doing, whether it's dancing or relaxing, Swizzee has a mix for you.

UIUC I-Bhangra

Mix Testimonials

Swi took the time to get to know our likes/dislikes, our vision, and laid out a timetable for when mixes would be delivered. He followed through with the creative yet clean mix we requested, all while maintaining a professional manner. He has my stamp of approval!

WashU Bhangra

Working with Swi last year was a pleasure. He was always responsive and helpful, and I never felt overwhelmed in the process because of Swi's organization and recommendations. His music is great stands for itself, as you can hear, but what makes working with Swi special is the passion he brings and the time he puts into giving you the best individualized product.

ISU Bhangra

Swi was an absolute pleasure to work with. Being a small team, ISU Bhangra never had a legitimate mix prior to Fall 2011 and Swi provided us with a fantastic mix for that semester. We were not sure what to do in terms of providing ideas, etc, but he took creative license and gave us a great mix that our team was proud to dance to. Our expectations for all our mixes have been very high from that point on! I would definitely recommend Swizzee for your next mix!

GMU Bhangra

Swizee has been an exceptionally professional and friendly DJ to work with. Not only did he deliver exactly what we asked him to, but he also took the time to watch our routine and making suggestions for appropriate mix adjustments. Only a knowledgeable bhangra DJ is capable of delivering the type of mix he prepared for us. We would feel extremely comfortable in recommending him to friends and family for any type of occasion.